Man Charged With Selling Armor-Piercing Bullets to Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock

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He said he had no idea what Stephen Paddock would do.

Police have charged an Arizona man who allegedly sold ammunition to Stephen Paddock before Paddock carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Douglas Haig was arrested Friday and charged with manufacturing and selling armor-piercing bullets, in violation of federal law.

Unfired armor-piercing bullets found inside the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock carried out his Oct. 1 massacre allegedly had Haig's fingerprints on them.

On Oct. 19, the FBI searched Haig's home and seized ammunition the agency says is classified as armor-piercing, according to reports.

Haig, 55, reportedly didn't have a license to manufacture armor-piercing ammunition.

Haig also allegedly acknowledged selling 720 rounds of tracer ammunition to Paddock in the weeks before the shooting, according to reports.

Tracer bullets illuminate the path of fired bullets so shooters can see whether their aim is correct. It is not clear if these bullets were used during the mass shooting, which left 58 people dead.

Haig, who works as an aerospace engineer, said he has sold ammunition as a hobby for 25 years.

At a press conference Friday, he claimed he didn’t notice anything suspicious when he sold Paddock the ammunition. He said he had previously met Paddock at a gun show before the transaction.

"I had no contribution to what Paddock did," Haig said. "I had no way to see into his mind.”

Haig said he was “shocked and sickened” when a federal agent informed him of what Paddock had done.

Police connected Haig to the ammunition after a box of bullets found in Paddock’s hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel had Haig’s name and address on it.

Haig claimed Paddock told him he was using the ammunition to “go out at night and shoot with friends.”

Haig appeared in court Friday and was released on this own recognizance. He is due in court again Feb. 15 for a preliminary hearing, reports said.