Man Commutes to Work on a Jet Ski Every Day

David Pike says it's the quickest way to get from New Jersey, where he lives, to his job in Brooklyn, New York.

It sure beats the subway.

Every weekday, 34-year-old David Pike jumps on his jet ski and makes the trip from Jersey City, New Jersey, across the Hudson River to Brooklyn, New York, where he runs his own business chartering trolley rides around the city.

He says jet ski is the quickest way for him to commute to work.

"I used to spend 90 minutes sitting on a bus, on the PATH [train], on the subway, then another bus and finally walking 10 minutes to get to work," he told Inside Edition. "I bought a used jet ski and now it takes me 15 minutes."

He gets spectacular city views on the way, too.

"I pass a ton of things out there," he said. "The Statue of Liberty, Governors Island, the Staten Island Ferry."

Being the boss means Pike can wear board shorts and a T-shirt to work and no one minds.

"If I see the forecast has thunderstorm or lightning I won't go out, I'll work from home," he said.

But when summer is over?

"We'll see how cold it gets. I have a wet suit. I also have a dry suit. So we'll see when I can't handle it anymore," he said.