Man Finds Missing Grandmother's Birthday Card, Mementos in Rubble of Miami-Area Building Collapse

Hilda Noriega, 92, lived on the sixth floor of the condo building that collapsed near Miami.

Many who survived the Miami building collapse are now homeless and have lost all of their possessions, while family members of the missing and the dead are having to deal with the unthinkable. 

Still, others are finding reminders of those still unaccounted for, like a man who found a birthday card belonging to his 92-year-old grandmother.

“We found this right here. This is a birthday card given to my grandmother,” Hilda Noriega's grandson Michael said. "This had just been given to her a couple weeks prior, and so this was given to her by a group of some friends that were wishing her a happy birthday.”

Noriega lived on the sixth floor of the building.

Her grandson Michael says they also found a family photo of her with her late husband and other sentimental family treasures, which they take as a helpful sign that somehow, his grandmother might still be alive.

“When we found this, it was such a reminder that even though right now she is underneath that rubble, that if she is alive, that we can trust God with this, because it's going to be a miracle of the ages,” Michael said.

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