Victims of Florida High Rise Collapse Found by Oreo the Rescue Dog

Search and rescue is getting some help from a trained dog named Oreo in their search for missing victims in the recent Florida building collapse.

Rescuers searching for missing people in the debris of a collapsed building are getting some help from Oreo, a search and rescue dog.

Oreo, working with Cadena International, is trained to sniff out people who may be buried under rubble. 

The dog traveled from Mexico to Florida to help find some of the more than 150 people who were still unaccounted for after a condominium collapse. At least nine people have been confirmed dead.

Even though crews are also using sonar technology to detect missing people, the rescuers haven’t pulled anyone out of the rubble alive since the first day of searching.

This is where Oreo comes in. "Actually she can go wherever she wants. That's one of the things of the size. That's why I like it very much, because it can go into voices that big dogs would not manage to go.” said Moises Soffer, Oreo’s Dog Handler. 

“Also because of the weight she can go to other places that have more instability that other dogs cannot go."

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