San Diego Teen's Dog Saves Him From Rattlesnake

Labrador retriever sitting

A Labrador retriever survives rattlesnake bites after protecting his owner.

Alex Loredo had a close call with a rattlesnake, but was spared injury thanks to his dog.

Loredo, 18, unknowingly approached a rattlesnake while doing laundry in his family’s separate facility in San Diego. 

"Before I could even turn, Marley had run out the door, pushed me out of the way, and gotten in between the snake and me," Loredo told NBC San Diego

According to the San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation, rattlesnakes are very common in Southern California during this time of year.

After the Labrador retriever was bitten twice, Loredo and his mother rushed their pet to the hospital.

"My heart just dropped. My first thought was, 'Oh no, I'm going to lose my best friend.'" the teen told NBC San Diego.

Luckily, the pup went back to his friendly and playful self after receiving anti-venom vaccine, spending two days in the hospital, and taking a couple weeks of rest at home. 

He did, however, sustain nerve damage that will require weekly therapy. Because of this and the cost of medication, Loredo set up a GoFundMe to assist, which currently has raised more than $3,000 over his initial goal. 

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