Man Finds Snake in Toilet While Brushing Teeth

Imagine thinking you're all alone in the bathroom,  but you discover you have company.

Imagine thinking you're all alone in the bathroom, but you discover you have company: a snake stuck in a toilet.

Such was the fate of one man in India.

Pramod Kumar was just trying to brush his teeth when he noticed the reptile at the bottom of the bowl.

Kumar called the local snake rescue helpline. When the worker arrived, video shows, he put his bare hands into the toilet and to fish out the snake.

He is seen gripping the snake by its tail and trying to pull it out, which doesn’t work.

With the reptile's tail flailing, the worker literally tries to flush it out — but it still doesn’t budge.

It takes three hours to yank the thing out of the toilet bowl. The snake was then put in a bag and taken to a nearby forest to be released.