North Carolina Parks and Rec Warns of 'Zombie Snake' That Can Play Dead

The North Carolina State Parks and Recreation department posted on Facebook last week to see if citizens would be able to identify the creature. 
North Carolina State Parks and Recreation

People of the Tar Heel State got a strange surprise when the North Carolina State Parks and Recreations posted on Facebook about a “zombie snake” that likes to flips over on its back and "plays dead" just like a possum. 

The eastern hognose snake is famous for flopping over and tricking adversaries. However, the reptile is still very much alive. 

The department made a call to citizens last week to see if anyone could identify the creature

“Instead of watching clouds to see if we can keep weekend weather on track, let's play a game! Who is this “famous” NC snake? A cobra? A zombie snake?” the department wrote. 

While having fun with its followers, the parks and rec department made sure to say the snake was harmless. 

The North Carolina Parks and Recreation department has called 2019 the "year of the snake," alerting citizens about which creatures are dangerous and which are not.


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