Man Fined for Breaching COVID-19 Lockdown Rules After Walking 280 Miles to Calm Down Following Spat With Wife

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One Italian man saw the fury of lockdown getting to him and following an argument with his wife, went walking for 280 miles over the period of a week to calm himself down.

The unnamed 48-year-old man from Como, in Northern Italy, took his trek over the course of a week to cool off after arguing with his better half, according to The Independent. However, he managed to get himself into more hot water by breaching coronavirus lockdown measures, The Independent reported.

The man reached the town of Fano, a beach resort on the Adriatic coast, at 2 a.m. but the country put strict curfews between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., The Independent reported. The police, performing a standard search for rule-breakers, saw the walker and fined him €400, which is about $485.

The cops were stunned to hear he was from 280 miles away and came by foot. The cops put the man in a hotel, according to reports, where he spent the night.

As police entered his name into their system to process the fine, they saw that his wife had reported him missing.

The man, who traveled such a long way, told a local paper, “I'm fine. I'm just a little tired."

He told Il Resto Del Carlino that he was shocked to see so many people offer him food and drinks along his trek.


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