Man Gives Himself Full Shave While Riding the Train

The unnamed rider used plenty of shaving cream.

Everyone has a horror story or two from their commute to and from work, but this one takes the cake. 

A man was spotted lathering up and giving himself a full shave while aboard a New Jersey Transit train Thursday night.

Not only does the unnamed man glide the razor across his face without peering into a mirror, he also flings the leftover shaving cream onto the floor of the commuter train with each stroke.

“I’ve been commuting for almost 20 years on this line and it’s right up there with the strangest things I’ve seen, for sure,” said fellow rider Pete Bentivegna, of New Jersey, who captured the entire scene on camera while riding the Northeast Corridor Line.

Bentivegna later posted the video of the horrific scene to Twitter, where it immediately went viral.

While some admired the man for his impeccable skills, others said they were disgusted with the man’s actions.

Authorities of the NJ Transit reportedly said bathing or shaving aboard trains and buses is prohibited, and conductors can ask the customer to stop and notify police if they see it happening.

While it’s not clear whether the anonymous shaver ever got in trouble, Bentivegna said the man did order a beer after successfully giving himself a clean shave.