Man Hopes to Donate Proceeds of Viral Video to Mystery Delivery Worker Captured Wading Through Flood Waters

Johnny Miller

The worker seen wading through waist-deep water with his bike and a plastic bag in tow wasn’t alone. Delivery bikes were spotted all over as Ida wreaked havoc on the city.

The photographer who captured the now-viral video of a delivery worker wading through flood waters in New York City hopes to track down the man and give him proceeds he made from selling the footage.

“I just felt depressed at the whole scene,” photographer Johnny Miller told Inside Edition. 

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida battered the Northeast with historic rainfall Wednesday night, the unidentified man was seen struggling to push his bike through waist-deep water on a flooded Brooklyn street with a plastic bag of food in tow. 

The video sparked mixed reactions on social media, with some hoping he got a larger tip and others saying he shouldn’t have been made to deliver food during the storm at all.

Miller is now trying to find the delivery worker and give him the money he’s made off the video, which has since been seen round the world. Miller even jumped on his bike and went on the hunt.

"I'm lucky enough to have gotten some money from this video, and I just basically want to say thank you," Miller said.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped the search efforts by posting about it on social media.

"This is a huge long shot, but the person who filmed this deliverista last night received $1,700+ from media outlets who wanted to license the footage," the congresswoman tweeted. "They want to give all of it to the worker, but need finding him. Any tips? This was ~10:10pm near Roebling/11th st in BK."

The worker in the viral video wasn’t alone. Delivery bikes were spotted all over as Ida wreaked havoc on the city.

On average, GrubHub pays a base wage of $2 per delivery. But due to the dangers during this week’s storm, that rose to $7 a delivery. They depend on tips for a living wage. 

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