Man in Florida Wanted for Posing as Car Buyer to Steal Audi, Police Say

Christopher Leman says the suspect took the vehicle to a mechanic shop to show to a friend before driving away with it.

Christopher Leman thought he was showing his Audi to a potential buyer outside his home in Fort Myers, Florida

Now police are looking for the man who they say stole the car. 

"He goes straight like he's going to go left," Leman said. "But then he, boom, takes off right onto 41. This is like the video game Grand Theft Auto.

"He blended in like he was my best friend," he added. "But by the time it was all set and done, he was my worst enemy."

Leman says the suspect took it for a test ride and stopped by a mechanic shop to show it to a friend. The guy then asked something odd.  

"'You think I can do like a burnout?'" he noted. "I'm like a burnout? Like I was thinking, what are we, 10 years old again?"

Leman says he then took off speeding.

Police say they have not located the suspect.

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