Man Killed by Hyenas That Dragged Him Sleeping From Zimbabwe Hut

Getty Images

An elderly man in Zimbabwe who was sleeping in a hut was mauled to death by a pack of wild hyenas after they dragged him from his slumber. Tendai Maseka, 87, was attacked as he slept in a hut in the rural region of Chirumanzu, CNN reports.

The wild animals dragged him 1,000 feet from where he was sleeping. Reports say that authorities said the lower half of the victim’s body was missing.

“Drag marks and hyena tracks were visible,” Tinashe Farawo, spokesman for the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority, said on Twitter.

The same pack of hyenas is believed to be responsible for a series of attacks on goats and cattle in the region, according to CNN.

Farawo said that this was the 60th person to be killed by wild animals in Zimbabwe this year. Farawo added that attacks like this are common this time of year, when animals move into communities in search of food and water.


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