Man Learns His Lesson After Trash-Talking Wild Goose

The goose was hissing at the man before he attacked.

A Tennessee man captured a live battle with a wild goose on video, and it is not pretty. 

Hank Russell told Inside Edition that he was trying to get to a bathroom when a woman informed him there was a “vicious goose” outside.

“I decided to film him to see what this killer goose looked like and then all of a sudden I got caught up in the moment," Russell said.

In the video, the goose is heard hissing at Russell, who begins trash-talking the bird.

“What’s up goose? I think I can take you,” Russell challenged.

The bird was at the bottom of a set of stairs as Russell descended.

“Quit sticking your tongue out at me," Russell tells the bird. "I will put you in a deep fryer."

The goose continues to hiss, but waddles back a step and starts pecking at its feathers.

“They told me you were a killer goose," Russell says. "I wanna see what you’re made of."

But just when you thought the goose would be waddling away from the fight, the bird pounced.

"He pecked me on the back of the head," Russell told Inside Edition. "I felt like he bit me at the same time that he pecked me on the back of the head."

Russell admitted defeat in his encounter with the goose, and now says he wouldn’t dare mess with him again.

"If we ever got in the ring, you'd better put your money on the goose," he said.