Man Proposes to Girlfriend During Broadway Show, 4 Years After They Met on Stage

Audience member Maura Spillane was pulled on stage for the big question after the production of "The Play That Goes Wrong."

During Broadway’s "The Play That Goes Wrong," this proposal was the one thing that went right.

Maura Spillane, from Vermont, was pulled on stage before the Tony Award-winning play started Saturday. In the play, everything on stage goes wrong, so as part of an audience participation segment, Spillane was asked to hold various props and set pieces as actors continued the performance around her.

It was a scene reminiscent of when she met her boyfriend while working on a "Sweeney Todd" production four years ago.

“Basically, she was running around with a screw gun in her hand, and I said I needed to know who she is,” Frank Alliegro of Massachusetts told

After the curtain call Saturday, Spillane was invited back on stage to take a final bow with the cast members.

Alliegro, who organized the whole thing, was also asked to join her on stage.

“When I first Met Maura, she was running around stage fixing things before everything started," he told the audience. "Here we are four years later, seeing you on stage fixing things... Will you marry me?"

As Spillane responded, “Yes,” the audience and cast members of "The Play That Goes Wrong" — currently the longest-running play on Broadway — erupted in a loud cheer.

Spillane said she was blindsided by the proposal.

“He was very sneaky about it, I was not expecting it at all,” Spillane told “When the lead actor said, 'Frank has something to say to you,’ I just started crying because I knew what was going to happen as soon as he said that.”