Man Pulls Crash Victim Out of Burning Car in Dramatic Video

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A terrifying car crash in Massachusetts could have ended in disaster if not for some quick-thinking good Samaritans who stopped and rescued two people from the burning car. Motorist Harold Greer was cruising down the highway when he saw a car in flames on the side of the road.

The extraordinary rescue was captured on Greer's dash camera. He is shown running to the wreck and another passerby, Greg Budgell, drags the critically injured driver out of the blazing vehicle. 

When Greer returned, he pitched in to help Budgell and other civilians move a second person that was injured in the crash. There was also a touching moment when the injured man reached out his hand to thank Budgell, who saved his life

The driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. He and the passenger were transported to the hospital for treatment.


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