Wisconsin Bus Driver Stops to Rescue 2 Kids Wandering in the Snow Without Coats

The bus driver brought the lost kids onto her bus and covered them with her coat.

A Wisconsin bus driver stopped her rig to jump out and rescue two children wandering in the snow without coats.

The encounter took place in Waukesha early Monday, when the temperature hovered at 18 degrees.

Nicole Chamberlain stopped her bus when she saw a little boy and girl outside her window. The boy, 6, was wearing pants and a shirt. His 2-year-old sister was clad in only a diaper, boots and a T-shirt. 

Chamberlain went out and picked up the girl, and led the boy into her bus, where the heater was running. "They were headed toward a busy intersection," she said. She knew she had to help them. "You don't know if somebody would have grabbed them," she said.

The pair said they were looking for their grandmother. Chamberlain wrapped her coat around the toddler and told the brother and sister she would help them find their grandma. "I kept constantly reassuring them they'll be OK," Chamberlain said.

Minutes later, the woman showed up, saying she had gone down to the basement and her grandchildren had wandered off. 

Everyone was indeed OK, and the grandmother took her young charges home. Police said no charges will be filed in the case.