Wisconsin Driver Stops Bus to Help Toddler Running Down the Street Alone

Thankfully she was unharmed.

A bus driver is being praised for helping a toddler who was wandering a Wisconsin street alone wearing only a T-shirt and underwear.

Milwaukee County bus driver Diana Serrano was on her route around 6 a.m. Saturday when she saw a little girl running down the street. She immediately stopped her bus to help the tot.

Serrano sweetly comforted the girl by talking to her and showing her photos in a moment captured on surveillance video.

"One of my daughters recently got a cute puppy and I knew showing the girl some pictures would keep her mind off of the scary situation," Serrano said.

The toddler’s mother ended up coming along shortly after and found Serrano with her. Police arrived at the scene around the same time.

The mom told police her daughter slipped out of her home while everyone slept. 

Thanks to Serrano, the toddler made it home safely.