Wisconsin Bus Driver Helps Blind Man Cross Street After Construction Blocks His Normal Route

The deed was captured on video.

A Milwaukee bus driver made sure a blind rider made it across the street on his way to work after construction threw off the man’s normal route. 

Gene Hubbard, who has lost his sight to diabetes, has been traveling the same route to work on the bus for 20 years but when construction barrels were put on Route 64, his normal route, he needed help getting around.

That’s when bus driver, Thad Turner, stepped in. He stopped his bus along the route — in the middle of traffic — and escorted Hubbard across the street, no questions asked.

"I knew I had the traffic behind me stopped, because it's only one-way through there. My concern was getting him across from the opposite direction," Turner told Fox 6.

Surveillance video from the bus shows Turner grab Hubbard’s arm and help him across as traffic stops for the pair. Turner said he didn’t think twice about the act.

A picture of the deed sent to Fox 6 quickly went viral on social media. Hubbard told the station it’s not the first time a bus driver has lent him a hand.

"I just can't say enough about all the bus drivers," Hubbard said.