Kid Calls 911 on Allegedly 'Drunk' School Bus Driver

The student said the driver blew through red lights and was "wobbling."

A Washington fifth-grade student called 911 to report his bus driver appeared to be drunk.

"On bus eight there's a bus driver, Catherine, she was drunk," the boy calmly tells the dispatcher, after explaining he's calling because his mother doesn't speak English.

The driver, Catherine Maccarone, was "wobbling" and ran through three red lights, the child said. Video later released by Longview Public Schools shows Maccarone shouting and elementary school students screaming in fright.

Maccarone, 48, was pulled over and officers noted she smelled of alcohol, authorities said. Police said she told officers she was taking sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication. Maccarone was arrested on DUI charges and two counts of reckless endangerment. She resigned her post on Thursday, school officials said.

She has pleaded not guilty.

At one point during the video, the driver is seen shouting, "I am crazy. I'm totally crazy. I am so fun crazy because I love life." At another point, she says she "graduated from college three times."

After dropping off all of her students, Maccarone is seen on the vehicle's camera talking to herself. "You know why I'm doing it? Because my marriage sucks. My husband is a son of a gun and there's no one on this bus. Yeah, he's a son of a gun," she said.