Drunk Man Accidentally Enters Wrong Home, Curls Up With 150-Pound Dog

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Two Wisconsin women got quite a fright on New Year's Day when they woke up to find a stranger sleeping in a dog bed alongside the dog

The man was cuddled up with Benton, a 150-pound Mastiff, in the same room where the two women, Benton's owner Lynn Sarver and her roommate, Elise Diskerud, were sleeping.

“We were kind of freaked out," Diskerud told WDJT. “I grabbed the knife.”

“We just kind of crept away quietly," added Sarver.

Then, they called police. 

As it turned out, the man was apparently drunk and had stumbled into the wrong home, living just down the street. A side door to Sarver's home had been left unlocked accidentally, making it easy the man to slip in. 

Police officers "woke him up and he was cooperative and apologetic," said Sarver. 

They asked if the women wanted to press charges, but they declined. "He had too much to drink last night, just give him a break," Diskerud told the station. 


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