Drunk Man Blacks Out and Wakes up During $1,600 Uber Ride Home

Bottom Left: Kenny Bachman
Bottom Left: Kenny Bachman

He had to pay the company.

A 21-year-old paid a huge price for getting too drunk when he woke up nearing the end of a more than $1,600 Uber ride.

Kenny Bachman, of New Jersey, said he doesn’t remember ordering an Uber from West Virginia to his home in South Jersey after he went out partying with his friends.

He said he’d been drinking throughout the night and racked up a bar tab of $200.

“I blacked out and then I just woke up in an Uber hours later with an Uber driver telling me that I had been in the car sleeping the entire time and I woke up within the last 45 minutes of the full 5-6 hour car ride,” Bachman told InsideEdition.com.

Bachman said he was in shock and had no idea where he was or who the driver was at first.

To make matters worse, he’d ordered an Uber XL during a “surge pricing,” period, when rides are double or more of the cost due to high demand.

The driver dropped him off at home.

“I felt almost taken advantage of,” Bachman said. “I don’t know what man in their right mind would think I was in a sober mental state to make the best decision into thinking a cross country road trip was a good idea.”

Bachman said he tried to dispute the fare with the company but Uber said he’d taken the ride so he had to pay.

Uber confirmed to USA Today that the ride occurred.

Bachman has started a GoFundMe to help pay for the ride that cost him $1635. Thus far he has only raised $50.