Man Realizes He Just Cleaned the Wrong Apartment: 'Uh, Louis, I Don't Have a Cat'

After finishing cleaning what he thought was his friend's home, Louis Angelino realized he performed the job on the wrong apartment. Both places had spare keys under the doormat.

A professional cleaner whose business is called “The Cleaning Fairy” lived up to his name when he performed his services in the wrong apartment, bewildering the homeowners who came home and had no idea what happened.

Louis Angelino was recently hired to clean a friend's apartment in South Jersey. He was told he’d find the key under the mat. Two hours later, the place was spotless. But then, the friend reached out to Angelino with a perplexing question: “Did you come to clean today?” 

“And I was like, yeah I came and cleaned. I'm sitting in your living room right now. Your cat’s on my lap. I’m playing with your cat. He’s like, ‘Uh, Louis I don't have a cat,’” Angelino said.

It was then that Angelino realized he spent all the hard work cleaning the wrong apartment, which also happened to have a spare key under the mat. 

The homeowner captured his shock on video when he came home to find everything in pristine condition. 

“He said, ‘You’re not going to believe this.’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘Somebody broke in and cleaned our apartment,’” said Beth Motzel, whose husband shot the video.

Angelino had his work cut out for him at the home.

“It was filthy. Dust from renovating,” Motzel said.

Angelino posted the story of the hilarious mix-up on TikTok, where it has since been viewed nearly a million times.

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