TikTok Wants to Help You Get a Job With Their Video Resume Platform

Credit: TikTok
Credit: TikTok

Looking for a job? Well then, it may be time to put your TikTok skills to the test.

Social media app TikTok is branching out into a different direction from viral dance videos and making regular folks famous -- the company now wants to help you land a job.

TikTok announced that they have been testing a new platform called TikTok Resumes that it hopes will become a forum for hiring, CBS News reported.

TikTok Resumes will allow job seekers to upload what they are calling a video resume instead of a traditional paper resume.

"We are encouraging our users to turn their traditional paper resume into a digital video resume or elevator pitch," the company said in a statement.

What applicants would normally put on a traditional resume, they now can say in a video, which is uploaded to tiktokresumes.com. Applicants can also use the videos to call attention to their personalities and dispositions.

CBS News reported that applicants are encouraged to take advantage of the social media platform’s tools and effects, specially if applying for a job creating content.

Companies including Chipotle, Shopify, Target, Abercrombie & Fitch and Alo Yoga are using TikTok Resumes, with listings posted to the platform.

Chipotle said that they looked into the left-of-center approach, due to the competitive nature of the recent job market.

"Due to the competitive labor market, Chipotle is continuing to experiment with new methods of meeting its potential applicants where they are. Through TikTok Resumes, Chipotle's prospective applicants can showcase their authenticity and true passions in unique ways outside of a traditional resume or sit-down interview," Chipotle said in a statement obtained by CBS News.

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