Man Saves 2-Year-Old Boy Falling From 5th-Floor Window

As he noticed the boy, the man stepped out of his car just in time to cushion the kid's fall.

As a two-year-old boy fell from a 5th-floor apartment window, a man on the ground showed up just in the nick of time and helped save the child.

The little boy climbed onto the window of the building in Northwest China on Thursday evening. A witness said there were many elderly people on the street who noticed the child, but he took a tumble before they could get help.

Just then, 28-year-old Tonik Turghanbek was parking his car right below the window. As he noticed the boy, he stepped out of his car just in time to cushion the kid's fall.

Surveillance video showed the man get out of his car with his head looking up and his arms stretched out. The boy is seen falling from above. He then lands on the man's chest, and the two are knocked to the ground.

"The moment I saw it, he was already falling. I thought of nothing at the moment, and then I caught him. I don't know what happened after that, as I fainted for a while. When I woke up, police and rescuers were all here," Turghanbek told Reuters.

The two were taken to a local hospital. the boy did not suffer any serious injuries, and the man had scratches on his head and arms.

The brave Turghanbek got a lot of thumbs up for his quick action.