Man Says Good Deed Led Him to Win Lottery

A North Carolina man says a good deed led him to win the lottery.
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A North Carolina man says a good deed led him to win hundred of thousands of dollars in the lottery.

Thomas Frye, of Charlotte, was looking to get rid of an old bed frame last week. Instead of tossing it, he decided to take it to the Salvation Army. And it was on his way home that his generosity was returned.

The retired salesman stopped at a convenience store and bought a lottery ticket.

"I always use a combination of my own numbers and a Quick Pick," he told North Carolina Lottery. "But this time I decided to use all Quick Pick."

The next morning, he found out he won some big bucks

"I just kept looking at the tickets," he said. "I had to check the numbers at least three times."

After takes, his winnings came out to $246,937. Frye said he plans to save the money.

"This is a big boost to our retirement," Frye said. "It's amazing to have this. I feel so blessed."


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