Man Seen Sliding Down Icy Driveway in Viral Video Finds Humor in the Situation

He says the only part of him that was hurt in the incident was "pride."

A 49-year-old salesman never expected to wind up on national TV as he headed off to work, but that's exactly what happened when he slid down his icy driveway and wound up falling on his lawn.

Tim Besecker spoke to Inside Edition about the incident, which took place at his home in Virginia when he went out to his car earlier in the week. 

“The only thought was, 'Don't fall backwards,' so I was eyeballing the grass and did everything I could to get to the grass,” he said. “I knew landing on the driveway was not a good option.”

The video, which has since become an internet sensation, shows Besecker doing everything in his power not to fall on the hard pavement of his driveway. Instead, his movements landed him on his lawn.

He said that other than an injury to his "pride," he didn’t suffer any physical damage in the fall. 

His wife, Kelly, told Inside Edition that she and the rest of the family were "dying laughing" as they watched the video for the first time.

But Tim Besecker has clearly learned a valuable lesson.

“I think I’m going to park in the garage from now on,” he added, laughing.