How to Avoid Serious Injury When Slipping on Ice

Falling on a slippery surface can cause serious injury. Here's how to fall the right way.

The commute to work was nothing short of a nightmare Thursday as the so-called “bomb cyclone” slammed into the Northeast and parts of the central United States. 

As many are shoveling, playing or even walking in the snow, venturing outside can also be dangerous as you can slip and fall. 

Believe it or not, there is a right way, and a wrong way, to fall on ice. 

Inside Edition got some advice from Hollywood stuntman Femi Olagoke. 

“First of all, you bend your knees, twist to your side and tuck your head,” he said. 

In his demonstration, Olagoke fell on his side. 

By doing those maneuvers, you shorten the distance between the rest of your body and the ground. 

Olagoke said it's important to never lean back or put your hands out to break your fall because you can break your wrists or other parts of you.