Man Shoves $4,000 Bottle of Louis XIII Cognac Down His Pants

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Caught with his hands down his pants.

Massachusetts police said a man was captured on surveillance video allegedly swiping a $4,000 bottle of cognac from a liquor store — by shoving it down his pants.

The video shows him walking at a regular speed, then slowing down while he allegedly stuffs the bottle in the front of his jeans.

It happened at Chris Gasbarro's Fine Wine and Spirits in Seekonk last week.

Authorities said the man used either used a key or easily picked the lock to the glass case where the Remy Martin Louis XIII was stored.

He then walked up to the register and used cash to purchase something else before leaving. Authorities said he's facing felony larceny, since the item was worth more than $1,000.

If you have any information about who might be responsible, give the Seekonk Police Department a call at (508) 336-8123.


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