Man Struck and Choked by Colorado Cop in Disturbing Bodycam Video Speaks Out

The graphic video shows the victim with blood running down his head after the officer struck him with his gun.

A man who was pistol-whipped and choked by a Colorado police officer in disturbing bodycam footage is speaking out to Inside Edition about the incident. 

“I was just confused, basically the whole time,” said 29-year-old Kyle Vinson. “And I was just trying to comply, did everything they were telling me to do. I thought possibly I was going to lose my life there.”

On July 23, two Aurora officers were responding to a trespassing call. Officer John Haubert detained Vinson, ordered him to roll onto his stomach and pointed a gun at him, the bodycam footage shows.

“Ok bro. Don’t shoot me man,” Vinson tells the officer.

A female officer tells Vinson he has a warrant out for his arrest. 

“I had no idea I had a warrant out for my arrest,” Vinson later told Inside Edition.

Haubert then grips the back of Vinson’s neck for 39 seconds. Vinson tells the officer he couldn’t breathe. Then, Haubert repeatedly strikes Vinson in the head with a gun. The graphic video shows Vinson with blood running down his head and gasping for air.

“You’re killing me bro!” Vinson tells the officer.

“Get on your face,” Haubert says.

Vinson says he lost consciousness in the incident. 

“I still have headaches and blurred vision,” Vinson said. 

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson condemned the attack.

“We're disgusted, we're angry. This is not police work. We don't train this. It's not acceptable,” Wilson said at a press conference.

Haubert was charged with felony assault and has since resigned from the force, according to a police press release. The female officer, Francine Martinez, faces criminal charges for not intervening. 

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