Pennsylvania Deli Warns Drivers to Slow Down: 'The Cop Hides Behind This Sign'

Bridgeville Police Department
You've been warned!Bridgeville Police Department

The Bridgeville Police Department in Pennsylvania is hiding in plain sight.

Speed demons in the small town of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, can't say they weren't given a heads-up.

The owner of PJ's Deli at the corner of Bower Hill and McLaughlin Run roads has grown tired of traffic accidents at her intersection. So she took matters into her own hands and posted these letters on the sign fronting her parking lot: "Slow down the cop hides behind this sign." 

Her notice also boasts a Friday fish-fry.

Not to be outdone, the Bridgeville Police Department decided to get into the act by posting a photo of the sign, and one of its patrol cars parked just behind it.  "Well, I guess the joke's on us," read the post.

Truth be told, there is no cop hiding behind the sign and never has been. The deli owner was just fed up with crashes and speeding at the dangerous intersection

"It was put up as a joke, and they came and parked a cruiser behind the sign and took their own picture," Pam Wheat, the owner of PJ’s Deli, told Fox 5.

"We see accidents almost daily on our corner because it’s a bad intersection, but they do not use my property to hide so you can let that secret out of the bag," she said.

Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King said he was happy to piggyback on the joke. "I thought this was great because it shows we can laugh at ourselves," he told the station.

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