Florida Mom Gives Birth on Side of the Road After Speeding Dad Is Pulled Over on Way to Hospital

A Florida state trooper recounts helping a woman deliver her baby on the side of the road.

The baby wasn’t going to wait another second. As Florida state troopers pulled over a speeding car, they saw the driver frantically waving them over.

“My wife’s about to have a baby!” he called out.

The couple was rushing to the hospital, because the soon-to-be mom was in the throes of labor. With the help of her husband, she steps out of the car, hunched over in pain.

“We gotta get out and do this here,” the trooper said.

The woman was understandably panicked. State trooper Michael Allen helped deliver the baby girl as the brave mom laid on a blanket on the side of the road.

“She was tough and she stayed focused and was so cooperative and worked through the entire process. Dad was right there. It was a complete team effort. No one person pulled this off alone,” Allen said.

The mom screamed again — this time in relief.

“What a blessing it was to hear those first cries from that little sweet baby girl,” Allen said.