Parents Use Facemask to Tie Off Umbilical Cord After Mom Gives Birth on the Street

Sarah Rose Patrick went into labor a week early.

A face mask helped a Kentucky family during the novel coronavirus pandemic, but not in the way you’d expect. Sarah Rose Patrick went into labor a week early and knew she needed to get to the hospital, so she and her husband, David Patrick, drove to Baptist Health Louisville.

When they arrived in the middle of the night, though, they found the doors to labor and delivery locked. They tried heading to the emergency room, but didn’t make it in time. Sarah's water broke on the street outside. 

"She nearly collapsed,” David told Inside Edition. “I lay her down. She's in the fetal position and I dial 911. At this point my wife says 'I can feel him coming. I can feel his head.'”

Sarah gave birth and their son, Navi, was born.

“When I see him out and he's naked and it's freezing out, all you want to do is comfort your baby,” David added.  

David wrapped his leather jacket around his newborn son. When it was time to tie the umbilical cord, David used a face mask. 

“[My wife] hands me hers, and I roll it up really tight like a tortilla and I tie the best knot I can over the umbilical cord,” he added. 

Thankfully, help was nearby and the new parents were taken inside the hospital shortly after.