Newborn Baby Abandoned on Pennsylvania Porch With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

The baby still had her umbilical cord connected when neighbors found her in 90-degree weather.
The baby still had her umbilical cord connected when neighbors found her in 90-degree weather. Upper Darby police

A poor newborn baby who still had her umbilical cord attached was found abandoned on a Pennsylvania porch earlier this week.

The baby, who was swaddled but left for what authorities believe to be hours in 90-degree heat, is doing fine after initial evaluations, but police continue to be concerned for the parents’ well-being.

“Mom, if you’re reading this, call us,” the Upper Darby police department tweeted.

"While we are continuing our attempts to locate the parents of the child, we have been unsuccessful thus far," Detective Christopher Karr Jr. told Thursday evening. "We are diligently following all of our leads that we continue to receive and encourage anyone with information to contact us." 

A woman living on the block, Terrell Phillips, told NBC Philadelphia that she noticed the wrapped baby on a neighbor’s porch around noon Tuesday.

"I thought it was some sort of animal or something in there at first but when I saw a little arm, I walked over and saw the baby," she said. "No crying. Very quiet. She was just there. When I picked the baby up and opened the towel up, the baby still had the umbilical cord on her."

Authorities emphasized that the Newborn Protection Act protects parents from criminally liability if they leave their child at a hospital or at a police station as long as their child is younger than 28 days and is not harmed, but it is unclear whether charges will be pressed against this baby’s parents if they are located.

Until then, Karr said more than 50 people contacted the police department, asking how they might be able to adopt the newborn. 

"This does not include the dozens of calls and social media message that have been received since the story broke," he said.

Police are urging anyone with more information on the family to come forward.


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