YouTube Family Is Selling Replica Doll of Newborn Son for $340

The baby is a replica of baby Jace, who was born in March.
Instagram / Mary Shortle

The Ingham Family, who live in the U.K., have more than 1.2 million subscribers on the platform.

A YouTube family is selling a doll version of their newborn son for $340. 

The Ingham Family, who live in the United Kingdom, have more than 1.2 million subscribers on the platform. Mom Sarah recently gave birth a son, Jace, in March. 

The family documented their son’s birth in a vlog titled “Emotional Live Birth – Labour and Delivery.”

Then in July, the family announced in another vlog that they would sell a doll that looks just like their son. The doll, designed by Mary Shortle, is selling for $340, but accessories, including diapers and a birth certificate, as well as outfits, can be added on. The doll is limited edition and only 250 have been made.

Sarah and her husband, Chris, already have three other children: Isabelle, 13, Esme, 9, and Isla, 7.

"Baby reborn dolls bring so much joy and happiness to so many children and people alike throughout the world — our children included," Chris told BuzzFeed News. "So why not bring something positive to our own followers like that?"

He also told the news site that his daughters love the doll, which was made to look like Jace at 2 weeks old. 

But online people have had mixed reactions to the baby Jace doll. 

“It’s gonna be a yikes from me,” one Twitter user wrote. “… the doll is so deeply unsettling.”

Others were supportive.

"This is so cool!" one person wrote. "I’m proud of you guys for following your dreams and that you’re doing whatever you want to do.Don’t listen to people‘s 'creepy' 'weird' 'unfollowed.' They just can’t see what we others see. Love you guys."