Man Tackled by Bus Passengers After Throwing Rocks at Passing Vehicles

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A shirtless man had to be subdued in Los Angeles Wednesday following a bizarre standoff in which he allegedly threw rocks at passing vehicles

The rampage took place on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, one of the city’s busiest streets with three lanes of traffic in both directions. The man picked up the rocks from the sidewalk and began hurling them at point-blank range. 

Police said Emmanuel Moncada, 32, is accused of smashing more than a dozen car windows before he began targeting buses. 

Much of the situation as caught on cellphone cameras from various passersby. 

In one video, Moncada couldn’t break the bus' windows with the rocks, but he terrified the driver enough that the man jumped out and ran away. 

Moncada then jumped on board the bus, looking as if he was going to hijack it. But then a group of people tackled him and hauled him off the bus. 

Police arrived and arrested Moncada on suspicion of attempted carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon.

One person and 16 vehicles were apparently struck by rocks during the incident, according to officials. 

Moncada is being held on $100,000 bail, according to reports.


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