Man Uses Cute Puppy's Collar to Propose: 'Marry My Daddy'

He thought it would be the "perfect opportunity" to pop the question.

A Michigan man used a newly adopted puppy as a perfect way to pop the question

Trevor Karbowski proposed to his girlfriend, Kerri Camp, while the two were getting their new puppy, a basset hound named Scooter.

Written on his tag when the pair picked him up was the question of a lifetime: "Marry My Daddy"

“On our first date, we ran across a basset hound puppy, which was kinda like my dream dog," Karbowski said. "I went over and was petting it and playing with the dog and told her, 'That’s what I’m gonna have. No doubt.'"

He said he was insistent on it throughout their relationship and after nearly two years, they decided to get one. 

Karbowski said he saw the occasion was the "perfect opportunity" to propose.

He drafted up a "contract" for Camp to sign while they were adopting the dog, which had instructions like “rub my belly, give me treats."

The last instruction was to read Scooter’s collar.

"She wasn’t seeing it coming this soon, especially with the puppy," Karbowski said. "She was excited to get the puppy; you know she was excited for the ring too."