Man Walks 1/3 of a Mile Across Tightrope From Eiffel Tower to Chaillot Theater in Paris

Nathan Paulin, an experienced "highliner," traversed a rope between two major landmarks in Paris, adding to his list of accomplishments and records.

Nathan Paulin, a professional tightrope artist, walked a thin line in Paris.

Paulin traversed an inch-thick rope between the Eiffel Tower and the Chaillot Theater, hovering almost 230 feet above the ground. 

The highliner, as he calls himself, took his time to get comfortable as a crowd formed, and was able to perform tricks on the thin rope.

Paulin holds around 10 world records, with this most recent walk spanning almost 2,000 feet — all without a net.

The athlete called the whole experience “beautiful,” saying that he finds “true inner peace,” when engaging in the high-stakes hobby.

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