Man Who Impersonated UFC Fighter 'Notorious' Conor McGregor Pleads Guilty to Drug Dealing

McGregor LookalikeMcGregor Lookalike
Mark Nye, left, and the real Conor McGregor, right.Surrey Police/Getty

The real Conor McGregor has not commented on the matter.

A British man who went around impersonating Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor has pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply illegal drugs and for driving while disqualified and without insurance, the Irish Central reported.

Mark Nye, 34, from Surrey, England, was pulled over on Feb. 11 and cops said they found hundreds of phony business cards with Conor McGregor's name on them, which Nye used as a front for his drug-dealing activities. The business cards are said to have had “McGregor Enterprise” on the front and “Best drops in Surrey” on the back, cops say.

Surrey Police say that Nye gave officers false details including that his name was “Conor.” Cops also said that they apprehended the “Notorious” MMA fighter’s impersonator after he was trying to discard illegal drugs and two mobile phones in his possession.

Surrey police officers later analyzed the two phones and found hundreds of messages related to drug dealing,

In a statement posted on Facebook, cops said that they eventually got his address and found contraband at his residence.

“A search of the address Mark was staying at revealed a large amount of boric acid, a cutting agent which is used by dealers to cut drugs and can have serious health implications for users themselves. Officers also found a large cleaver readily accessible by his bed,” cops said. “Thanks to the work of our proactive drugs teams, we have taken yet another dealer off our streets and prevented Mark from causing further harm to the victims of his crimes.”

Nye was sentenced on April 9, when he pleaded guilty and will serve two years and nine months behind bars.

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