Man Who Recovered From Coronavirus Says He Received Death Threats

Carl Goldman, 67, said he received death threats from people after returning home from self-isolation.

A California man who contracted coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship has fully recovered from the disease, but has had to deal with an onslaught of death threats after returning home.

Carl Goldman, 67, was a passenger on the cruise with his wife Jeri in Japan. He fell ill in February and was flown to a facility at the University of Nebraska Medical Center where he stayed in isolation for 31 days.

Goldman stayed in a small room that was sealed off from the outside world. No one entered it without wearing a full hazmat suit, and his wife was kept in quarantine in another room. Incredibly, she did not contract the disease. 

The worst of the symptoms was a fever that spiked to 103, but Goldman said he felt fine after two days. Researchers also used him for various tests to find out more about the virus.

But after finally returning home in Santa Clarita, he said he started to receive awful messages from people who believe he is still contagious.

"The death threats got very vile," he told Inside Edition. "We had to get police involved." 

He said he will remain in self-quarantine just to be sure.

Another man hospitalized in Ohio is also speaking out about the virus, saying that the symptoms were like a roller coaster.

"You know, you're supposed to move, they say it will help your body heal," Kevin Harris told Inside Edition from his hospital bed. "But it's choking you. It's like it's taking all of your air." 

After being admitted 11 days ago, Harris said he's finally starting to feel better.