Man Who Unknowingly Won Over $229,000 in Vegas Is Found in Arizona 2 Weeks Later

The woman was on a work conference call when she hit the big slots win.

He was lucky that they were able to find him.

A man who went to Las Vegas last month and left not knowing he won a $229,368 jackpot from a slot machine had to be tracked down in Arizona by Nevada gambling regulators to be given his prize money, CBS News reported.

Robert Taylor was playing the machine during a trip to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Sin City on Jan. 8 and it malfunctioned due to a "communication error,” CBS News reported. Taylor got up from the machine not realizing that he'd won the jackpot, the Nevada Gaming Control Board said Friday in a statement.   

The win was later confirmed to be valid, but Taylor had already returned to Arizona and the casino was unable to identify him, the board said in a statement.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board launched an investigation and just two weeks later identified the man at the slot machine. They said they conducted interviews, tracked surveillance footage and looked at purchase records to identity Taylor.

"By the time an extensive review of the slot machine and the communications technology was completed, confirming the jackpot had been won, Mr. Taylor had returned home to Arizona," officials said.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board posted the news about Taylor’s identity on Twitter.

Taylor will collect his winnings this weekend, according to Fox10 Phoenix.

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