Man Wins $4 Million Lotto Jackpot, Will Use Money to Help Care for His Mother

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A Massachusetts man who has won a staggering $4 million jackpot in a brand new game issued by the state lottery says he will use part of the jackpot to help him care for his mother. 

Matthew Spaulding of Rockland was the first to claim the state’s "100X" scratch-off games top jackpot. 

"100X" was unveiled June 19 by the state lottery, and on July 2, Spaulding claimed the massive prize. Spaulding opted for the lump sum payment of $2,600,000 and told officials he plans to dedicate a portion of the prize for his mom's care, according to reports. 

Four $4 million prizes and 14 $1 million prizes still remain in the "100X" game, according to lotto officials. The odds of winning a $1 million jackpot in the $10 game are reportedly more than 5 million to 1. 

The Route 18 Superstore where Spaulding bought the ticket will receive a $40,000 bonus for selling Spaulding the winning ticket


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