Mardi Gras Float Throws Down Pink Beads During Couple's Gender Reveal

Some pink beads even hit expectant mother Elizabeth Rourk in the face.

Pink beads rained on an expectant couple during a Louisiana parade ahead of Mardi Gras, revealing they would soon be welcoming a baby girl into their lives.

Elizabeth and James Rourk of Lafayette found out for the first time that their baby would be a girl when the Krewe of Carnivale en Rio tossed pink beads toward the happy couple and their friends and family.

“I saw those pink beads flying at us, I instantly went into tears and just like the excitement and all the buildup that happened from then, it was just wild,” Elizabeth told “The emotions I was going through was just like, 'I can't believe this is happening, like this is crazy, oh my God I'm going to have a little girl, she's going to be a little me.' I mean, I was just ecstatic.”

She explained she had just had a miscarriage last August when shortly after she got pregnant once again.

Because of how special this new pregnancy is to her, Elizabeth decided to do a big gender reveal party, and when she realized the dates would line up with Mardi Gras festivities, she chatted with a co-worker to see if she can organize something around the parade.

“I said, ‘How cool would that be if we could find someone on the float?’” Elizabeth said. “And she was like ‘I have a couple best friends that are riding.’”

Elizabeth and her family live along the parade route, and they decided it would be a fitting way to find out the gender of their baby.

When the big day came, she said she was overcome with emotions seeing the pink beads fly – and shocked when some hit her square in the face.

“I’m like, ‘Ah! Midair,’” Elizabeth joked. “We wanted them to show up and they did, and I still got smacked in the face. But it’s OK, it was worth it. It’s worth the battle wound.”