Gender Reveal Party at Ohio Applebee's Goes Terribly Wrong

A gender reveal party at Applebee's went terribly wrong.
The gathering was not a success.iStock/Boardman Police Department

A fight broke out between guests and staff.

A gender reveal party at an Ohio Applebee's earlier this week degenerated into a melee between guests and staff of the chain restaurant, police said.

About 20 people had gathered to disclose the sex of an expected baby by unleashing confetti poppers inside the eatery near Cleveland.

But when the restaurant's manager asked the patrons to take the reveal outside to avoid disturbing other customers, the event turned violent, authorities said.

The manager ended up calling police after a fight erupted between staff and party members over cleaning up the blue confetti that covered nearby cars and the sidewalk fronting the restaurant.

"Members of the party began screaming, 'I'm going to beat your a**'" to the manager and the eatery's hostess and throwing menus, according to a Boardman Police Department report of the incident. 

The hostess was hit several times by pelted menus, but said she was not injured, the report said.

Most of the patrons had left by the time officers arrived. They also left behind an unpaid tab of $31.81, according to police.

Investigators are trying to identify members of the group based on license plate numbers taken down by Applebee's employees. A female in the party also left behind her purse, the report said.