Mark Cuban Talks Trump, and His Own Political Ambitions

The celebrity billionaire recently sat down with Inside Edition's Lisa Guerrero.

As billionaire Mark Cuban won't rule out a run for president, he has some choice words for the current commander in chief. 

The Dallas Mavericks owner recently sat with Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero in an exclusive interview, in which he said he may not want to kick Donald Trump out of the Oval Office just yet. 

"I'll give him credit for not screwing up the economy," the Shark Tank panelist said.

However, Cuban says Trump's social media habits are not becoming of a president.

"I'll rip on him for being a Twitter troll," he said. "That's just ridiculous. What he said about Charlottesville, what he said to Puerto Rico..."

When asked about his own rumored political ambitions, Cuban said his family and other factors will decide.

"There's family considerations, you know, what's happening in the country in the world," he said. "Is it my dream to become president? No. But I think we do need leadership and leadership that recognizes that every single human being needs to be respected."

Whether he chooses to or not, Cuban said it's a decision he has plenty of time to make due to his wealth and social "platform."

"I can probably wait longer than others because I don't have to worry about getting media coverage. I can just pick up the phone and just call in anywhere and just go show up anywhere and have an audience so, I think I have an advantage there.

"But we'll see what happens in the midterms," said Cuban, who added that he's unlikely to run as a Democrat because the party is "a mess."

In the end, Cuban suggested someone other than a Trump might be better suited for the powerful role.

"I don't think he has a leadership bone in his body," he said of Trump. "He's not a good communicator. He doesn't have common sense and so that lack of common sense in particular creates a wild card to our future that outside of the economy who know what happens."