Trump-Hating Pickup Truck Driver Adds Second Profane Decal After Arrest

She hates Trump, as well as her county sheriff, it seems.

A Texas woman whose anti-Trump truck decal helped put her in national headlines in recent days has added another sticker to her vehicle that attacks the local sheriff.

Karen Fonseca's pickup proclaimed "F*** Trump and F*** You For Voting For Him" before Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls claimed he started getting complaints about the vulgar wording.

Fonseca was later arrested on an unrelated warrant, an arrest she believes wouldn't have happened had the sheriff not had a personal bone to pick with her truck sticker.

"I feel that we are all entitled to our freedom of speech. We should stand together and stand behind what we believe," the 46-year-old said at a press conference on Monday, days after she bonded out of jail.

In accordance with those freedoms, Fonseca's truck now also reads, "F*** TROY NEHLS AND F*** YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM."

Fonseca's arrest was related to a 2014 warrant. She believes Nehls and the Facebook post he wrote about her sticker led directly to the arrest.

But on Monday, Fonseca said she's taking the good with the bad.

"He actually put us more out there and more recognized than it has been before. To me it has been coming back more positive for going ahead and standing up and not backing down," she said.

Fonseca said she is considering a civil rights suit against Nehls. The Fort Bend County district attorney says his office has no plans to file charges over the sticker.