Maryland Couple Reenacts Anniversary Picture for 7 Years Straight: 'Our Friends and Family ... Expect It'

They don't plan on stopping.

A Maryland couple has been taking their anniversary pictures with the photos from their previous anniversaries for seven years now and don't plan on stopping.

“We got married in 2011 and that was the same year that, I believe, Pinterest started and it was one of the first things that I saw on the website as a cute idea,” Amanda Hoffman Hall told

Amanda, 29, who is married to Lucas Hall, 36, said it was originally supposed to be a sweet idea to celebrate, but now it has become a nice way to reflect upon the years they’ve spent together. 

Their 2-year-old son, Christopher, aka Chip, has added an entirely new dynamic to the photos since he was born in March 2016.

“It added some extra challenges to the pictures that we didn’t use to have, you know, trying to get him to look at the camera and smile for the camera but so far he’s done pretty well in the three that he’s been in,” Amanda said. 

They said before Chip was born, they'd go to extensive lengths to take the photo on their July 11 anniversary date each year but with time they’ve become more lax.

"Our third anniversary we were actually on a backpacking trip across Europe for three weeks and the second to last day it was going to be our anniversary so we had a rolled up photo that we brought with us in our tiny little backpack the entire trip,” Amanda said.

They now hold their son in each photo and will continue to as long as they can. 

“While watching [Lucas] and myself age has been interesting, it is really special to see how much Chip has changed in such a short time,” Amanda said. “Plus, after seven years now, our friends and family have come to expect it, which we find really funny.”

They plan to keep the photos coming.

“I’m thinking … when we’re 80 years old and hopefully our family will be quite a bit bigger, and there will be more pictures, more people in the picture,” she added.