Massachusetts Police Officer Drowns in Attempt to Save Child

Late Officer Photo

A 5-year Massachusetts police veteran drowns after several officers attempted to save a young boy's life.

Five Massachusetts police officers responded to a report of a person drowning on Friday.

Enmanuel "Manny" Familia entered the water to help a 14-year-old in distress. Unfortunately, in his attempt to rescue the victim, both he and the boy failed to make it home.

According to the Worcester Police Department press release, additional officers came to assist at Green Hill Park and managed to pull two individuals to safety before they learned one of their own was missing.

Familia was retrieved from the water alongside the unidentified minor, who was pronounced dead shortly after his hospital arrival. The five-year veteran of Worcester Police Department was brought to the shore alive, but fell victim to his injuries later at the hospital. 

According to the police department, the late officer is survived by his wife Jennifer, son Jovan, daughter Jayla and his parents, police said.

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