McDonald's Employee With Down Syndrome Celebrates 27 Years on the Job

Chris Campbell has worked at McDonald's for 27 years.

A McDonald’s employee with Down syndrome is being celebrated for his dedication to the company after working there for nearly 30 years.

Chris Campbell, 43, has been an employee at the Georgia location on Buford Highway for 27 years. His job tasks are ever-changing — from maintenance to greeting to making Happy Meal boxes, Campbell does it all.

Kellie Vander Veur, the owner of the location where Campbell works, said she thought it was important to celebrate his achievement.

“For anyone to be at any business for 27 years is pretty remarkable,” Vander Veur told “For a man with Down syndrome to be employed by the same brand and three different owner-operators over the years speaks to his personality.”

Vander Veur said Campbell is a star employee. He’s never late and loves what he does. The customers love him too, she said. 

So Vander Veur threw him a party on March 15 and awarded him with a “Golden Star” trophy.

The McDonald's location also donated a portion of the sales during the party to the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta.

“He had smile from ear to ear the whole day,” Vander Veur said. "I spoke to his mom today and she said the smile has not gone away.”

Campbell's story gives hopes to parents of children with Down syndrome, Vander Veur added.

“His mother ... always told him, ‘You can do anything you want to do.’”


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