McDonald's Worker Fights Back After Man Grabs Her in Wild Brawl Over Straw

The employee, a trained boxer, fought back when the man flew into a rage, in a moment caught on camera.

A simple drinking straw led to a wild brawl at a Florida McDonald’s in St. Petersburg Monday. 

When a man in the restaurant was informed that drinking straws were only available to customers who ask for them, he became so upset that he grabbed the 20-year-old McDonald’s worker across the counter.

But then, she fought back. What the man had failed to realize was that the employee is a trained boxer. 

The whole incident was caught on camera by Brenda Biandudi.

"He reached across the counter at her," she told Inside Edition. "She was actually standing back with her hands folded. I feel like she did what she needed to do."

Daniel Taylor, 40, was arrested and charged with battery. 

Straws are turning into a hot-button topic at restaurants across America, with some places banning them. Images like a turtle with a straw stuck in its nose are responsible for changing attitudes about plastic items like straws, which can be very dangerous for marine life in particular.

Americans use 500 million plastic straws a day, but there are alternatives such as paper straws or straws made out of pasta. Reusable steel straws are also gaining popularity.