Medal of Honor Recipient Says He Doesn't Feel Disrespected by Photoshopped Image of Raid Dog

Trump sent the photoshopped image out with the caption “AMERICAN HERO.”

The hero dog that cornered the leader of ISIS is now at the center of a Photoshop outrage. 

On Wednesday, the president tweeted an image from the Daily Wire that pictured the dog receiving a Medal of Honor. The award goes to U.S. service members who perform extraordinary acts of valor. 

However, the dog’s head was pasted onto the body of a real Medal of Honor hero, Vietnam War medic James McCloughlin, whom the president gave the prestigious award to in 2017. 

Trump sent the photoshopped image out with the caption “AMERICAN HERO.” 

The situation caused a stir, as many felt that a real war hero should not have been replaced with the dog's head. The pup's name has now been identified as Conan. 

However, the Medal of Honor recipient is taking it all in stride. 

“First of all I wouldn't think the president would be disrespectful to me and I didn't take it that way,” he told Inside Edition. “I just looked at it as the dog being recognized for his heroism catching a very, very bad person.” 

On Thursday, Trump said Conan would actually be getting the medal sometime next week.